Member of the Scottish Parliament

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MSP UK [ˌem es ˈpiː] US [ˌem es ˈpi] noun [countable] [singular MSP plural MSPs]
Member of the Scottish Parliament: someone who has been elected to represent people from a particular district in the Scottish Parliament

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MSP [MSP] [ˌem es ˈpiː] [ˌem es ˈpiː] noun
the abbreviation for ‘Member of the Scottish Parliament’

Alex Neil MSP

Write to your local MSP to protest.

Labour MSPs

An MSP is elected to represent one of the around 70 constituencies or one of the eight regions into which Scotland is divided for this parliament. Each constituency elects one MSP and each region elects seven MSPs. These elections are separate from general elections for the British Parliament. They were first held in 1999 and take place every four years.

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